I'm a Designer

It's where I started

Just me a PC and a copy of Photoshop. Of course, times have changed since then (bigger PC), but I still know where my roots are and where my passion first began. Designing web sites, app interfaces or even just a simple business card are my equivalent of sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold winters night.

Take a look  


Well I have a Camera...

...some half decent lenses and 2 small children who quite like having their pictures taken.

I guess that sort of makes me a photographer. I definitely love taking photo’s anyway, so I’ll let you decide on the level of “Photographer” I might be.



I do write things...

...just not very well.

I find the majority of my posts are pictures & 140 characters or less rather than a thousand well written words in a blog post. So with that in mind heres a mix of social media and badly written blog posts.